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VI. Color Psychology

Color can affect people’s moods in many ways. For example, lighter values and brighter colors tend to produce feelings of spontaneity and happiness, and lighter values and duller colors tend to produce feelings of calm and relaxation. On the other hand, darker and duller or neutralized colors are very serious and profound colors and darker and brighter colors tend to suggest richness and strength.

Do be careful about afterimages: intense values that are complimentary should not be placed juxtapositionally; the afterimage and eye vibrations can be disturbing. For an example of this, refer to this website on afterimages.

Okay, so color psychology may be one of my favorite topics. Yellow gives off a feeling of warmth, cheerfulness, and sunshine. Blue tends to be a very conservative, soothing, truthful color that represents honor, repose, coolness, peace; blue, in darker hues can be depressing. Ah, Red, the color of love. Red does arouses the senses, stimulate the appetite, attract attention, stimulates to action, and conveys emotion; it can represent danger, love, war, peace, passion and anger. Purple is a very royal color that is associated with drama, mystery, pride, wisdom, and in lighter tones with girlish childhood. Orange is related with the earth and with autumn; it is an organic, energetic color that is packed with personality. Green is a calm color that brings feelings of life, hope, rest and balance. Black’s strength is very sophisticated and linked with evil, age, silence, boldness, contrast and sometimes depression. Then lastly, we have white; white brings a sense of purity, innocence, faith, peace, surrender and starkness.


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