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Just the perfect “non-girly-girl” room while still being feminine.


Though simple, such detail went into this room: Pages on the wall. Mantle over the bed with empty frames. Combinations of exciting pillows. Mismatched nightstands. Mirrors behind the nightstands…


Classy. Oh, try the “Squint Test”* on this wall paper for me?

(*See Pattern under the Elements of Design.)


I thought this was a very cute and preppy way to individualize a space. Not so sure two lamps are necessary for this tiny bed area, but hey…


Just be sure you don’t have a ceiling fan anywhere near these guys…


Brick walls have always made me extremely happy. Here, they’ve placed a short dresser at the end of the bed and I think it’s very successful. And oh my, that chandelier. Please don’t just save chandeliers for the dining room. My professor used to say that chandeliers were jewelry for a room.


I just fell in love with these sketches. So feminine…


…and for the boys. Paper mache deer heads.


Having a place to sit and put on socks can be really helpful in the mornings. Huge advocate of the textured wall paper.


Angled bed with the corner filled in with old shutters. Very cozy indeed.


I had my students write a summary of this room and there is so much goodness going on here. I love the patterns and the shapes. I feel it’s the perfect blend of modern and traditional furniture.


I’m not sure what grabs me about this room, but I do happen to be very fond of the design here. First I love layering bedding. The chocolate accent wall doesn’t scream at you, but it just works towards helping make those three yellow picture frames the focus. Making an upholstered headboard isn’t as scary as it seems.


The bed seems a lot bigger than a twin, huh? Using light colors and limiting patterns will do that for ya.


If possible, throw a chair in there by your bed. I think you’ll be surprised how much you would sit there if you had a place…


For the newlyweds..


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