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General Styles for Decorating


I. Tips
-Consider the general style and feel you want to create for the room, space, or home
-Consider the formality of the room—texture, line, balance, fabric, design all lend varying formalities
-Consider the shapes of the room and the furniture you have—straight lines, curves
-Consider the accessories you are attracted to or plan to use in the room

II. The Traditional Style uses time-honored furnishings and traditional furniture styles and lines.


Decorating Tools:
-Antique rugs
-Collectibles and accessories
-Crown molding
-Non-painted wood
-Draperies, swags, cornices
-Tassels, Cording, Fringe

III. The Casual Style is comfortable, both physical and psychologically. It uses simple, functional, un-demanding furniture.


Decorating Tools:
-Natural colors
-Natural materials
-Exposed beams
-Natural light

IV. The Contemporary Style follows the rule, “form follows function.” Born with the Bauhaus Movement, the goal of this style was to unify art and technology.


Decorating Tools:
-Tubular, metal furniture
-Color palette of black, white, neutrals, and primary colors
-“Hard” textures: marble, glass, lacquer, metal, acrylics
-Simple, artistic lines
-No clutter

V. The Romantic Style is feminine, light, and curvy. The furniture avoids dark furniture and fabrics and instead uses pale woods, wicker, and curvy carved chairs.


Decorating Tools:
-Colors: pastels and crisp white
-Fabrics: chintz, moiré, linen
-Walls: glazed, sponged
-Mixed patterns common, though all in same color
-Windows: Priscilla, Austrian shade, balloon curtains
-Soft lighting
-Pictures: reminiscent pictures

VI. The International Style celebrates exquisite design, regardless of period or national origin. If using an international bent, stick with a singular look and keep to one international style.


Decorating Tools:
-Simple design with bold pattern or focal point
-Simple yet beautiful furniture representing nationality
-Focus on form and style

VII. The Country Style is both casual and rustic.


Decorating Tools:
-Fabric displays (quilts, rugs, needlepoint, artwork)
-Natural or painted woods and wicker
-Motifs (animals, geometric, shapes, flowers)
-Linen, Cotton, Calico, chintz, ticking, plaids, geometric (not modern)
-Antiques and collectibles
-Handmade items

VIII. The Eclectic Style blends different furniture styles regardless of period or style. If using this style, be sure to have something that pull the room together (color, pattern, wood type, etc.).



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