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Balloon Art

Who here has seen The Princess Diaries? Remember Anne Hathaway’s role where she portrays an ultra-nerd 15-year-old, Mia, only to discover that she is a princess as the granddaughter of the queen. (Played wonderfully by Julie Andrews, I might add). Great movie. Regardless, since watching this film, I’ve always wanted to duplicate something they did at the beginning of the movie- painting with balloons and darts. If you will remember with me how, Mia and her mom pinned paint filled balloons to a huge canvas and then commence to throw darts to pop the balloons to create a masterpiece. Well, my bucket list has one less item on it…


Granted, our canvas was a BIT smaller and we stopped filling up balloons with my lips starting tingling from too much acrylic paint exposure. (When I say “exposure” I mean “swallowing.”)

Therefore, in case you’re interested in wondering how you too can create a balloon art masterpiece, read on friends, read on:

Here are the materials I gathered:

-A canvas
-Various acrylic paints (To save money, I bought red, blue, and yellow and just mixed-up my own green, purple, and orange. I had to add some white to my purple too keep it from being too dark.)
Water balloons
-Darts (I could only find soft tip darts, so we had to improvise. See photo below…)
-Push pins
-LOTS of newspaper
-Painter’s tape
-Ziploc baggies
-And of course, you’ll need your camera

Before we begin, be sure you’re doing all of this in a place where it’s okay to get paint everywhere as their explosions maybe far-reaching. Also, I’d recommend you wear clothing that you’re okay with ruining.

Okay, enough with the semantics, on to the process…We put tape on our board to protect certain parts of the board therefore creating a more-personal piece, but you don’t have to do this step.


Next, I placed my pre-mixed paints into Ziploc baggies and cut a TINY section of the corner of to create a piping bag of sorts.



Then we filled up balloons with paint and air. (Caveat: This is the hardest part because filling up a balloon with paint and air is actually quite difficult) However, after many paint-filled mouthfuls, I have some advice for you all:

1)    Prep the water balloons by filling them with air one time before you put paint in them and then let the air out. This helps to stretch them out making them easier to blow up when paint IS in them.

2)    Next, pipe your paint straight into the balloon’s opening with enough force to get paint down into the base of the balloon. (If you want a “runny” look, as opposed to splatter, fill your balloons with more paint and very little air.)

3)    Now comes the hard part: blow up the balloon being very careful not to suck in.

4)    Once filled and inflated, tie and pin to your board!


Now comes the fun part… Let the darts fly!

These are our “improvised” darts. Some call it ghetto, I call it creative genius. (A.K.A. Walmart soft-tip darts with taped-on push pins.)


Here is our finished artwork…pre-tape-removal. The best part is there is no artistic talent needed! (Just a high-tolerance for paint ingestion.)IMG_2097

We added our hand prints to make it a bit more personal too…






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