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Seasons and Pillows!


Spring. Summer. Winter. Fall. Seasons come and go so do color schemes. Decorations for the spring and summer (light, bright colors) are not the same color schemes as for the fall and winter (dark, dense colors). In the winter, we want to feel cozy with warm colors and soft, fluffy fabrics, while in the summer, we want to feel cool and airy. Keep season changes in mind when you are purchasing bigger pieces like sofas or chairs. You may want to stick with neutral pieces so they do go with every season.

Think about a throw pillow.

Inexpensive. Fun. Decorative. Throw pillows can easily change the entire look of a living room or a bedroom. The awesomely simple part of it all is that once you have the pillow forms, all you have to do to update a room and keep it fresh is change the pillow covers occasionally or with the seasons. Below are some pictures of the same couch updated for different seasons:






Standard pillow forms can be purchased at your local fabric stores; the standard sizes for a couch are 16×16” or 12×12,” but there are also larger forms, rectangular forms, circular forms and cylindrical forms.

You can easily buy standard size pillow covers in stores, online, or from handmade, vintage and supplies retailers. Here is another way to inexpensively cover pillows.  By using only covers rather than changing out the entire pillow, you’ll save a good deal of money throughout the seasons as well as saving on storage space.

If your couch already has a decorative pattern, play off the colors with various solid colors or accent-patterned pillows.


(Shout out to my friend Lisa’s Etsy store and some of her awesome pillows!)


Changing with the seasons gives you an opportunity to get out some long-lost pieces and make them the center of attention for a little while. Here are a few other ideas to change with the seasons:

Spring and Summer:
1. Use soft cotton or silk throws 
2. Bring out a light cotton matelassé bed cover or a simple cotton blanket
3. Use light, colorful floral arrangements
4. Buy clear glass or crystal vases.
5. Put fresh, floral print or plaid  pillows out
6. Use your grandma’s pretty floral china 
7. Place garden magazines and flower books out on the coffee table

Fall and Winter:
1. Bring out your cozy, fluffy throws to place on your furniture for snuggling
2. Get out your toasty down-filled duvet for your bed
3. Use floral arrangements of pine and holiday colors
4. Pull out dark brass or pottery accessories
5. Put dark-patterned decorative pillows out
6. Put classic holiday designed plates out on display
7. Put out holiday reading materials on the coffee table


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