An Abnormality for Me…

An Abnormality for Me...

Now, normally, I am not much of a minimalist when it comes to interior design. However, something about this room struck me as very comforting and peaceful. Perhaps it is the way this room represents my time overseas in Asia or it could even be the simple fact that this room would be so, so easy to dust. (Of all the household chores, dusting and emptying the dishwasher are my arch-nemeses.) Regardless, this room appealed to my senses and I wanted to share it with you all. Sadly, you don’t often see that kind of carpentry anymore…


HGTV Smart House

Hey all!

Have been a bit preoccupied the last couple weeks with a graduation and a vacation to Jacksonville. So, it is with a renewed excitement and a rather horrible sunburn, that I write this blog. While in Jacksonville I was able to go visit the HGTV Smart House at Jax Beach! It was a $20 self-guided tour and I thoroughly enjoyed going through the house (even though I wasn’t allowed to touch ANYTHING.) I didn’t realized how much I rely on my tactile sense when I’m out shopping for decorations and such. Anyways… apparently, the sweepstakes winner will be announced in a  winner special August edition of the HGTV Magazine, but the actual winner will be notified earlier this summer. (I did enter twice and am crossing my fingers…) I’ve attached some pictures, but you should go check out the HGTV website for yourself! Enjoy!


Home Exterior (Notice the repetition of the tiles from stair risers throughout the house)


Foyer (I love the storage bins directly to the left when you walk in)


Kitchen (Oh. Those. Pendants.)


Dining Room (This room was surrounded by curtains on three sides that could be opened or closed off from the kitchen and the living room.)


Living Room (The three large framed pieces also can be turned around into three tv screens.)


Master Bedroom (I loved how the bed was in its own little cove.)


Guest Bedroom (How does everyone feel about uneven lamp lines? The left dresser puts the lamp up just a few inches higher than the right nightstand.)


Kid’s Bedroom (Just a great room, though a bit crowded in my personal opinion.)


Kid’s Bath (The curtain and tile extended the height of the room.)


Garage (The area above the garage can be re-outfitted as a guest suite.)


Backyard, pool area, and outdoor dining area (I loved all the access points to the pool/deck area.)